In order to maintain a beautiful face it is not necessary to undergo surgery anymore. The main reason is an extraordinary progress of technologies which can almost completely replace surgery and give better results. There will always be people who are supporters of non-invasive treatments with minimal or no recovery time, while others will give […]

Plastic surgery and aesthetics treatment

PLASTIC SURGERY AND AESTHETICS TREATMENT Trough our health tourism we are happy to offer you in cooperation with our partners high quality of aesthetic treatments based on Nano tehnology and also other kind of plastic, aesthetic and transmition surgery . We offer an array of non-invasive or minimally-invasive cosmetic enhancement procedures to help you achieve […]

Dental treatment

We offering to you completelly dental treatment in one of the best Croatian Dental Clinics with a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, complemented by highly personalized relationship with each patient. At the same time, the clinic is equipped with the latest dental equipment which allows to offer excellence – fast and efficient care, individual approach, professional […]

Dental Healtcare – Dental ralax week

SEVEN DAYS WITH ZIRCON CLUTTERS INCLUDED FOR 3666€ PER PERSON Croatia is very attractive travel destination and at the same time attractive for medical tourism. With high quality service and good prices we are recognized worldwide as the preferred destination for professional and specialized dental treatments, especially for cosmetic surgery (zircon clutter-free ceramics), implant services […]