Croatia is very attractive travel destination and at the same time attractive for medical tourism. With high quality service and good prices we are recognized worldwide as the preferred destination for professional and specialized dental treatments, especially for cosmetic surgery (zircon clutter-free ceramics), implant services (implant) as well as all orthodontic procedures.
In collaboration with top private clinic “Radica” with years of experience and highly educated staff offers to get the best service tailored to individual needs and experience of the destination itself .For you we have created a seven-day package deal in which, in addition to dental services included also attractive tourist experience of Split, historic center , Trogir historic town with surrounding area and come back home with new beautiful and healthy smile.


Transfer from the airport and to the airport on departure and transfers if necessary.
Accommodation in a four star hotel in the standard and superior rooms with half-board by the sea with the possibility of wellness and swimming pool.
Tour of the historic center of Split, visit the museum of the city, meeting with authentic Dalmatian food.
One day trip to the historic town of Trogir with organized lunch, trip to the surroundings of Split, visit the famous fortress Klis and lunch at the Eco Village.
The package includes consultations with dentist and non- metal zircon clutter for six teeth and control support . If you have special requirements , possible surcharge for a larger number of teeth or a different type of service. Enjoying your holiday in Croatia. Relax body and mind in beautiful Split and its surroundings, the history of the city that was built by the Roman emperor Diocletian, and go home with a beautiful smile.


Ceramic crowns (zircon KERAMIN) – we recommend the most modern system of compensation teeth applied in aesthetic dentistry.
Ceramic crowns (zircon KERAMIN) – is the most modern system of compensation teeth applied in aesthetic dentistry. In addition to the functionality of today need to meet the high aesthetic demands of patients. The aesthetics of the teeth and dental restorations has become a priority for patients. Teeth, dental restorations, bridges and crowns made of ceramic can faithfully reproduce the previous state, as well as to correct the color, shape, size and position of teeth. Materials based on zirconium are increasingly displace from the use of classic metal – ceramic crowns and bridges. Zircon is the latest material used for making crowns and bridges. It is characterized by high aesthetics, biocompatibility, precision and strength.
The advantages of metal-free ceramics are:

  • aesthetics characterized by natural colors, shapes and luminous transmittance
  • requires less grinding teeth
  • computer precision craftsmanship
  • excellent strength and high resistance to breakage
  • easier cleaning of the teeth and surrounding tissue
  • reduced irritatention of gums
  • elimination of risks arising from the metal edge of the crown caused by gum recession
  • precise marginal seal
  • greater comfort for the patient