In order to maintain a beautiful face it is not necessary to undergo surgery anymore. The main reason is an extraordinary progress of technologies which can almost completely replace surgery and give better results. There will always be people who are supporters of non-invasive treatments with minimal or no recovery time, while others will give advantage to surgery or other aggressive treatments regardless of the recovery time. Newest scientific research show that if after the age of 30 one starts with preventive treatments, one’s face can keep its youthful look without wrinkles for a long time and in that way postpone aggressive procedures and surgery.

Waiting for your wrinkles to develop and your face to sag is a wrong approach because then only surgery or more aggressive procedures may help. Once first wrinkles and signs of aging appear it is advised to start with preventive treatments so that surgery is not needed or is postponed. There are numerous treatments and technologies which can help. Once surgery was inevitable. The problem is that skin quality and look after surgery change. Therefor, it makes sense to combine surgery with treatments to improve the quality and overall look of your skin. The goal of the treatment is to improve the look and quality of one’s skin, to reduce wrinkles, remove pigmentation and retrieve the lost volume with tightening.

There is no best treatment to solve all your problems, but a combination of various treatments which in the end gives best results. A certain treatment will work best with certain problems and it is with combining different ones that we achieve best solutions. Based on an examination, skin condition and your needs a treatment type or a combination with best results is determined.