During our jeep safari ride, we will pass throughout the untouched and unknown parts of the Dalmatian hinterland. You will see an incredible magesty of the mountains (Dinara, Svilaja and Kamešnica) – Dinaric Alps, beauties of river Cetina nad Krka and beautiful coves of Peruča lakes. Here you will meet shepherds whose home are these mountains and you will discover the beauty and the difficulty of life on the mountain.

The river Cetina is a true jewel in our tour, mysterious and still not well-understood beauty, its biggest middle river in Dalmatian that creates beautiful landscapes and eventually flows into the Adriatic sea. Pearly blue source of the river Cetina the Glavasevo lake is something that will leave you breathless follow it down to the early Croatian church of Sv. Spas, which is surrounded by beautiful nature. The church is from the 9th century and is one of the most valuable monuments of Croatian and Western European religious architecture of pre-Romanesque.

We continue our Jeep safari drive towards the old Napoleon road some 10 kilometers along the river Krčić that with its impressive waterfall of 22 meters flows into the Knin field and continues its course. There is also the inevitable beautiful Peručko lake, which borders with the wild side of our hinterland mountains from the chain of the Dinaric Alps (Dinara and Svilaja).

Dalmatian hinterland (Dalmatian Zagora) is also famous for the city Sinj and the Croatian knights who opposed Turkish invasion 1715AD and in whose honor the past 300 years is held a knight game the Sinjska Alka. Sinjska Alka since 15 November 2010 is registered on the UNESCO list of world heritage in Europe.


Minimum of 2 people, Maximum of 24 people
Open to adults and children 8 years or older

Place of Departure

On Split’s Riva waterfront


Approx 6-7 hours


600,00 kn (80 EUR) per person

The Dalmatia Zagora Jeep Safari includes:

Jeep Land Rover Defender vehicle with a driver / guide
80 km ride
Guided tour
Don’t forget to bring:

a bottle of water